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spacer - A leading developer and publisher of multi-platform premium Casual Games. Creating a new generation of high quality, fun & addictive, casual games to entertain and entice audiences worldwide. The best downloadable, puzzle, card, word, arcade, board, sports & flash games and more! Download and play all Dragon Tech' popular games including: Panic, Symbolic & Blobz.

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About Dragon Tech Games ...
Dragon Tech Games Dragon Tech Games

Company History

Dragon Tech Games is the games development division of Dragon Technology Ltd. Dragon Technology Ltd was formed in 1997, and in its twelve years of existence, has developed a diverse range of software solutions for clients in the UK and abroad across a broad spectrum of industries.

Although Dragon Technology Ltd has been involved in several leisure industry projects over the years, the Dragon Tech Games brand was recently spun off from Dragon Technology Ltd, to focus exclusively on the casual games market.

Dragon Tech Games Dragon Tech Games

Dragon Tech Games Dragon Tech Games
Welcome to Dragon Tech Games ... Breathing Fire into Games!

Here at Dragon Tech Games our aim is to create enjoyable games that will appeal to everyone. Our games are simple to learn, a challenge to master…and are maddeningly addictive!

You can download and play the free trial versions of our games on to your PC or Mac in just a few minutes, to enjoy any time, any place – without being on-line. Then, when you're addicted, you can own the complete version of the game for unlimited play, extra levels, special features, and more.

Our games were made possible using technologies, resources and inspiration from the following ...
Garage Games Casual Games Associatian
SoundRangers Open Al Vorbis
Dragon Technology Nuke Media Adobe OpenGL
Simple DirectMedia Layer Game Programming Wiki 1&1 Hosting Thanks!
Dragon Tech Games Dragon Tech Games
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